Republishing Content & Scheduling Changes

Duplicating Pages & Posts

A feature of our editor allows you to easily create a new page or post based on existing content. Simply clone or copy the content to a new draft, and make the changes you need before publishing the new content.

When viewing the list of Posts or Pages, by each entry you will see the options ‘Clone’ and ‘New Draft’.

  • Click the ‘Clone’ button to make a copy of that post or page without opening it for editing.
  • Click the ‘New Draft’ link to make a copy of that that post or page and open it in the editor right away.

You can also do this straight from the sidebar having opened a post or page for editing. Look for the Copy to a new draft link.

Scheduling Changes to Pages

To schedule a change to a page for a specific date or time simply click on the ‘Rewrite & Republish‘ link in the sidebar of the page editing screen.

A new duplicated version of your original page is created. You edit the duplicated version and after you’re done simply adjust the publish date and time to when you want your changes to go live, click update, and you’re all set. At the time you have selected the new page will replace the original version maintaining the original link.

This feature also works for posts, but generally scheduling changes to posts should be avoided and a new post should be created each time. Click here to learn more about the difference between Posts and Pages.