What are Blocks?

Blocks are the components for adding content to your website. Different types of content use different types of blocks to make them appear properly.

This post is created using blocks. The heading or name of this page ‘About Blocks’ is created using a block called ‘Heading’, and this paragraph is made using a block called ‘Paragraph‘.

The use of these two blocks are determined automatically, so all you have to do is type.

There are many different block types available for you to use.

 how to add blocks.


  • Paragraph
  • Heading
  • List
  • Quote
  • Code
  • Classic
  • Preformatted
  • Pullquote
  • Table
  • Verse


  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Audio
  • Cover
  • File
  • Media & Text
  • Video


  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Group
  • More
  • Page Break
  • Separator
  • Spacer