Roles and Capabilities

ChurchWeb uses a system of roles to control which of your team can make changes to your website. There are a variety of Roles typically available to be given to User. Each role grants certain Capabilities to a user allowing different levels of access or control over the site content or appearance.

The standard roles in use are as follows:

Web Administrator

The Web Administrator role is the most powerful role, and can only be given to a user by ChurchWeb support.

Users with this role have all of the capabilities given to the Editor role but also have the ability to create or delete users, and apply or remove the following roles to users. This role also grants the ability to make significant changes to the appearance of the website.


The Editor role can create, edit, delete, and publish pages and posts – even those belonging to other users.

An editor can also:

  • Moderate comments
  • Manage categories

However, they cannot make site-wide changes such as those reserved for the Web Administrator. Instead, they are responsible for overseeing the work of authors and contributors.


An author has far fewer permissions than editors. They can create, edit, delete, and publish their own posts (and upload media files), but they cannot edit, delete or publish posts created by other users. They cannot create or make changes to pages.


The contributor role is essentially a restricted version of the Author role. A contributor can create, delete and edit their own posts, but content will remain unpublished until approved by someone with the Editor role.

This is ideal for churches who wish to allow members of wider team to create content or updates for the website, but wish to implement an approval process before such content is made live.


This is rarely used by our churches, but is sometimes used to create a private area of your website for only some people to access. There is often a better way to setup areas for internal teams or groups using other tools so if you are thinking of using this role, it may be worth talking to us first.