Cookie Banner

Cookie Banners seem to be universally unpopular, however they serve an important purpose to make sure that people viewing your website understand what data may be being recorded about their website useage and what it will be used for. It also requests consent for the website to store a small text file on the persons computer called a cookie. The UK has some of the strictest implementations of law in this area (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, also known as PECR).

We’re required to inform a visitor to your website of the cookies we use, what we do with any data obtained by a cookie, or provided by the visitor themselves (in a contact form for example) and we’re also required to seek consent from the user before certain funtionality of your church website is enabled. This is why there is a cookie banner on your website.

We believe privacy and transparency are very important we use state of the art technology to keep cookie use to a minimum and to anonymise any data collected so that identifying or tracking individuals is impossible.

However despite the anonymisation of data, the need to seek explicit consent from your website visitors is a legal requirement. This is why we place a banner on your website. We can tailor it’s appearance to suit your website and branding of your church, but we can’t remove it.

The good news is that it does remember people choices, so won’t display every time a person visits.

If you have any questions around this, don’t hesistate to get in touch.