Adding Video from Vimeo

Adding video is typically a simple process when using our interface. It is simply a matter of using the share code provided by Vimeo, together with our ‘Vimeo Block’ which can be found in our post and page editor.

Quite simply, Vimeo, like YouTube (and many others) are Cloud Video Platforms that focus on sharing of videos either uploaded or live streamed directly to a video. We recommend churches with services to upload do so to a free Vimeo or YouTube account and embed the video direct into the website. These accounts are fairly straightforward to setup yourself, but as part of our service we are very happy to setup and configure a Vimeo or YouTube account for your church, and show you how it works with the website, just get in touch.

Obtaining your Vimeo Video link

Before you begin, make sure to first obtain the share link of the Vimeo video you wish to use.

  1. Log in to your Vimeo account
  2. Find the video you wish to use and open it
  3. When the video is opened you will see a series of icons in the top right corner. Look for the icon that looks like a paper airplane and click on it
  4. You will see a window pop up labeled Share this video
  5. Copy the link at the top of the list and save it for when you can add it to your post or page in Gutenberg

Using the Vimeo Block in your websitre

  1. Log in to your website
  2. Click on Posts (or Pages)
  3. Select a post to edit or add a new one
  4. If you are adding a new post, then give your post a title to start. If you’re editing an existing one, then skip to the next step
  5. Click on the circled plus sign where you will add the block. You can really add it anywhere and then use the arrows to move the block into another location if needed
  6. You will see the Block menu appear. Scroll down to the bottom where you will see Embeds. Click on Embeds to see the options.
  7. Click on the Vimeo block
  8. When the Vimeo block is loaded you will see a field labeled “Enter URL to embed here…” Paste the Vimeo URL in this location
  9. Click on Save Draft or Publish in order to save your changes

Your Vimeo video will now play direct from your website. Note that there also controls on the block that allow you to align the video the left of the page, in the center, or to the right of the page, and more advanced controls available to change it’s appearance. For assistance just get in touch.